Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Standing Wheelbarrow

The standing wheelbarrow is a sexual position that offers deep penetration and intense sensations. But the couple must be somewhat strong and fit to attempt it. The two variations above show (1) an easier way to do it and (2) the full-on posture where the woman is supporting much of her weight with her arms. For much such positions, consult one of the sexual guide books below.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Upside-down Bride!

Here the bride employs an unusual upside-down position to orally satisfy her husband in the boudoir. Such creative sexual stimulation is highly arousing and fun, but go easy at first because it place a strain on his thighs or her back. And the man must be careful not to thrust his penis into his lover's mouth, as her hands are otherwise occupied and she can't control the oral penetration.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Heat of Henna


Temporary henna designs on your skin ("mehndi") can spice up your sex life,
making the woman more seductive and the whole experience more artful and
conscious. Lovers can use henna to tap into a great, mysterious erotic power.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awakening Shakti

The medical establishment tells us that about 50 percent of women have so-called FSD (female sexual dysfunction). I think the "dysfunction" happens when our body says "NO" to regular old "friction" sex because we long for the "YES" of conscious touch, worship, and honoring of our most sacred temple space within. Perhaps this is wisdom, not dysfunction.
--Lisa Schrader, Awakening Shakti

One of the most powerful ways to increase your SHAKTI dear sisters is to get your body MOVING. Shakti is all about movement: letting the feelings move through you, getting your body in motion.
--Lisa Schrader

"We find the erotic so enticing because Eros puts us in touch with the is the otherworldly entering our human experience. So it is unpredictable, unexplainable and mysterious."--Lisa Schrader

"Only the united best of heart and sex together can create ecstasy."
--Anais Nin

Photos above via Lisa Schrader and Awakening Shakti on facebook.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kamala Devi's Sexual Healing

Sexuality expert Kamala Devi

Sacred Sexual Healing: The SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic blows the bedroom doors off an underground Tantra revolution, exposing the work of the modern Daka and Dakini and making available practical, sacred sexual secrets. In a clear, down-to-earth voice, we offer dozens of exercises to: * Experience your body as a temple * Release guilt, shame and fear about sex * Increase your orgasmic potential * Get your needs met in relationship * Direct your sexual power to manifest your deepest desires. Women may re-discover their libido, relieve pain during intercourse and connect to their sexual intuition. Men will eliminate fear of intimacy, cure performance anxiety, and learn to sexually satisfy a woman. The intention of this book is to heal the greatest collective wound on the planet: the separation between Sex and Spirit.

Kamala Devi is a nationally-recognized speaker, author, mentor and polyamory activist who created the Beyond Monogamy program to help open-minded people liberate their love lives. She has been successfully navigating open relationships for over 15, in an open marriage for 10 years, and is the mother of a beautiful 6-year-old boy. You may have seen her family starring in Showtime's hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating. Kamala Devi has recently been featured on Ricki Lake, Dr. Drew, Tyra Banks and the award-winning documentary Sex Magic. Kamala Devi is the founder of Tantra Palooza, San Diego Tantra Theater and Poly-Palooza. Her mission is to awaken healers, teachers and visionaries to becoming community love leaders.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Search of Imperfection

Maybe she's not the most beautiful woman in the world, but she has lovely firm breasts and a shapely ass. Maybe he's not the most handsome man, but he knows how to please his lover. 

Maybe she's not a "10," but she gets all your jokes. Maybe he's not rich, but he's generous in and out of bed.

Maybe he or she isn't perfect, but has many great attributes. Learn to savor the other's qualities that appeal to you, that turn you on. If your lover can make you laugh, can make you feel good about yourself, or loves to make love to you, it's far more important than physical perfection. 

Does your lover make you worry about making a mistake, not having enough money, not wearing the perfect clothes? 

Or do they bring out the best in you? 

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Upside Down Sex!

Having oral sex upside down is fun and highly stimulating. We recommend you don't try it unless you are both physically fit with no health problems, and the man is in good shape. Start with him lying on the bed with his feet on the floor. She gets atop him, with her legs around his head and her hands on his knees. He holds her firmly around her waist and slowly rises to a standing position. This gives him a unique and wonderful position to perform cunnilingus, and she will enjoy the rush of blood to her head as she peforms fellatio upon him. Try it, you'll like it!